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Advantages of HomeSchooling

Home- schooling as the name suggests is the method of educating children at home under the guidance of their parents. This is a paradigm shift from the conventional way of imparting knowledge to kids at school. A couple of centuries earlier, it was common for many members of the privileged society to employ governesses who were entrusted with the responsibility of teaching subjects such as Mathematics, English, geography and even social etiquettes to their children. Over a period of time, this system became unaffordable and impractical, and conventional schooling became the norm for people irrespective of their relative affluence.

The beginning of the twentieth century has marked the re-emergence of the home- schooling trend amongst many people and this time around, it is no longer the prerogative of only the elitist group. Families that decide to educate their children through home schooling are not limited to any particular group, community, religion or area. They come from almost all sections of the society and from various economic backgrounds. In order to achieve a valuable home schooling experience for both parents and the children, it is very important for parents to be dedicated and possess patience.

There must be an interest and an undying passion to teach your child personally. Home schooling when relegated to a sense of obligation or burden can adversely impact the future of your child. Determination is a key factor that guides the culture of home schooling. It is very necessary that you think, plan and analyze new and fascinating ways to engage your kids while teaching them at home. The curriculum and teaching methodology employed should be interesting enough as to ensure complete concentration on the part of your child. Home schooling has its own share of pros and cons but when carefully implemented, the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages in many ways.

Some of the pivotal advantages are: a) It allows you to systematically imbibe the religious/ philosophical convictions that you wish for your child to inculcate. b) It provides for the development of adequate social skills in the child without subjecting him or her to peer pressure or influence. c) It ensures that your child inclinations and talent are tapped during the academic process. d) It facilitates your spending quality time together as a family. Religious/ philosophical convictions: Convictions are personal beliefs based on our principles that can infuse a sense of enthusiasm in both the children and the parents. Home schooling allows parents to weave the passion for convictions in their children.

Socialization: Home schooling has the benefit of actual socialization in terms of being involved with classmates in a real sense. It is not a superficial and restricted kind of association. In schools, the different variables are controlled in order to maintain the decorum of the school while at home children are exposed to real life. Academics: Home schooling allows children to work according to their capacity rather than competing with other children.

Parents can teach their children at their own pace and not till the bell rings. Every child has a different style of learning and parents can usually understand their psychology better thereby helping them do well in academics. Quality time for the family: Parents can spend relatively more time with their children and get to know their behavioral tendencies, strengths and weaknesses in a natural manner.

Home schooling proves to be an option worth considering owing to the advantages mentioned above. It helps in the overall development of children and enables them to succeed in life. However, before deciding on home schooling for your kids, it is important to consult with other parents who have traversed this path, assess your own ability to spare what it takes in terms of time and efforts, and also perhaps take the opinion of a trusted child psychologist to determine if your child is equal to it.

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