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Hands On: Pokemon XD
Nintendo unleashes new details and lets us play the next Pokemon game.

July 15, 2005 - Nintendo has unleashed new details on its next (and presumably last) GameCube Pokemon title, Pokemon XD. Continuing along the lines of Pokemon Colosseum, XD features a similar gameplay concept as that title and seems to even reuse the same graphics engine.

You once again play as a nameless main character out on a quest to free certain types of Pokemon from those intent on using them for evil. You're a Pokemon Trainer who lives at the Pokemon Research Facility with your mom and your younger sister Mana. Your father was head of the facility prior to his death. Due to some incident that will be revealed at the start of the game, you find yourself on an adventure surrounding Dark Pokemon. [read full article]

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
We slay orcs and trolls in the latest build.
by IGN Staff

October 14, 2004 - The Beginning...

Regardless of how cool anyone thinks they are, there's just something about the Lord of the Rings that forces the inner dweeb in all of us to come bubbling to the surface. Let's face it; the literary masterpiece covers all the basics: hot elf babes, wicked-cool magical powers and weapons of orc destruction.

It may have been surprising for Hollywood executives to green light the film adaptation with a practically un-proven director, but it's no surprise the three films went on to gross a zillion dollars. [read full article]


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