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Banpresto announces Micro faceplate giveaway

Super Robot-themed faceplates for Game Boy Micro will be first produced by a third-party publisher in Japan.

TOKYO--Banpresto has announced its collaboration with Nintendo to give away free Game Boy Micro faceplates as a promotional contest for the upcoming Game Boy Advance game Super Robot Taisen J. The company is the first third-party publisher to produce a faceplate for the Game Boy Micro, which will feature interchangeable front covers, like Nokia cell phones.

From September 13 to October 31, gamers that purchase the Game Boy Micro and Banpresto's mech strategy game can input their product serial numbers at Club Nintendo's official Japanese Web site. 10,000 winners will receive an original Super Robot-themed faceplate.

Nintendo's Game Boy Micro will be released in Japan on September 13, six days before its launch in North America. Super Robot Taisen J will be rolling into stores two days later on September 15.

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