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Game Boy Micro gets Japanese, European release dates

More details revealed; diminutive handheld will cost more outside of US.


TOKYO--With the North American Game Boy Micro launch details now revealed, details on the system's debut for the rest of the world couldn't be far behind.

Nintendo today announced that the Game Boy Micro will release in Japan on September 13 (six days before the North American launch) for 12,000 yen (roughly $109), and European gamers will get treated more than a few days late and more than a few dollars short with a November 4 launch at a 99 Euro (about $121) price point.

While Americans will see two colors of the system on day one, each with three interchangeable faceplates, Japanese gamers get their choice of five colored systems (but no word on faceplates as of yet). In addition to the black and silver models Nintendo plans to release in America, Japan will see blue, purple, and Famicom (the Japanese NES system) color schemes available for the system. All models of the handheld will come with an AC adapter and a pouch.

The Game Boy Micro can play Game Boy Advance games, but it isn't compatible with classic Game Boy cartridges or the eReader peripheral. The handheld also requires an adapter when connecting with GBA players, since it can't use the old cables. Accessories to be released by Nintendo in Japan include a cable adapter (800 yen, about $7) that lets the Game Boy Micro connect using the old cables, a Game Boy Micro-specific connection cable (1,400 yen, or $13), and a Game Boy Micro wireless adapter (2,000 yen, around $18).

The September 13 release date in Japan coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series. To commemorate the portly plumbing pair's second decade, Nintendo will be releasing a trio of Mario-related GBA games that day: Mario Tennis Advance, Dr. Mario & Panel De Pon, and a rerelease of Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros.

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