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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is nothing like the old arcade style Gauntlet your older brother (but never your sister... strange) played. The game has been adjusted for a more violent 21st Century and possesses smoother gameplay than its predecessor. The old concepts of Death, Dragons, and secret walls have been revitalized in a contemporary manner and serve to frustrate classic gamers and newbies (anyone born during the Reagan Administration) alike.

To help you get the most out of your adventure, IGN Guides has whipped up a detailed walkthrough for each and every level. We also have secrets, information on enemies and loot, and all kinds of tips to make your Gaunleting both fulfilling and exciting.

The latest guides for the hottest games are available for IGN Insider subscribers. If you're not an Insider, you'll still want to check out IGN Guides, as we feature plenty of free and sponsored guides as well.


Cheat List 2
  • 10000K - 10,000 gold
  • 000000 - invisibility
  • PEEKIN - X-Ray vision
  • DELTA1 - Enemies get smaller
  • ARV984 - Play as guy with a mace
  • AYA555 - Play as Japanese schoolgirl
  • RIZ721 - Play as quarterback
  • RAT333 - Play as Warrior rat
  • STG333 - Play as bald character
  • DARTHC - Play as bald character with black cape
  • GARM99 - Play as bald Wizard
  • TWN300 - Play as blue/orange Valkyrie with bloody scythe
  • BAT900 - Play as centurion
  • CEL721 - Play as cheerleader
  • GARM00 - Play as dark Wizard
  • ICE600 - Play as dwarf
  • MTN200 - Play as General
  • SKY100 - Play as green alien
  • DIB626 - Play as head on a staff
  • CSS222 - Play as baseball bat
  • PNK666 - Play as Mohawk stick figure
  • TAK118 - Play as ninja
  • NUD069 - Play as dwarf
  • STX222 - Play as smiley-face stick figure
  • CAS400 - Play as special Warrior
  • KJH105 - Play as stick figure with a baseball cap
  • SUM224 - Play as Summer
  • KAO292 - Play as waitress
  • DES700 - Play as Wizard in desert garb
Submitted by bigbaldmonkey05
Cheat Codes
Enter the following as your name:
  • INVULN - Infinite Life
  • PURPLE - Infinite Turbo
  • ALLFUL - Infinite Potions and Keys
  • MENAGE - Permanent Triple Shot
  • REFLEX - Permanent Reflect Shot
  • 1ANGEL - Permanent Anti-Death Halo and Levitation
  • SSHOTS - Permanent Super Shot
  • EGG911 - Permanent Pojo
  • XSPEED - Extra Speed
  • QCKSHT - Faster Shots
Submitted by Questor

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