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Jade Empire Cheats

In the Far East, there is a person that has a destiny to create a wave of drastic change over the beautiful and regarded Jade Empire. Their journey will not be an easy one, as they will encounter many fiendish enemies and ghouls to tear apart on their venture. That person is you, young reader. But what if you cannot save the Jade Empire by overcoming these obstacles? What if those toad-men looking beasts kick you in the teeth before you can whip out your Chi powers?

Do not fear, Silent Boar, as IGN Guides is here to show you the ways of the Open Palm. If you still want your MTV, you're here in the Intro. If you don't know your Chi Blast from your Chia Pet, you should check out the Basics. The Followers section should do you some good, as it will tell you all about your followers in the game. The Fighting Styles section will keep you plenty busy as we go through the brief descriptions of each class. The Walkthrough will describe how to clear the game, and hopefully bring peace to the Jade Empire. Take a gander at the Boards if you would like to share your own strategies with IGN's finest... or at least the fanboys.

in this Jade Empire strategy guide, you'll find:

  • Basic Strategies
  • Followers Details
  • Fighting Styles Breakdown
  • Complete Jade Empire Walkthrough

...And all of this, just because we love you. Think of us as your little fortune cookie that gives you tips, and occasionally tells you that your hair looks fantastic.


Unlockable: Minigame
When you're confronted with enemies during the story, make sure to choose attack, and not evade. With each confrontation you unlock a Dragonfly mission that's available from the main menu.

Talk to Lord Lao in Imperial City that's standing by your followers. When you talk to him he'll offer you a quest to get machine parts. This will unlock more Dragonfly minigames.

Unlockable: Technique
Defeat Imperial Arena with flawless vicotry and you will receive a new technique from Sweet Poison Lyn.
Unlockable: Crimson Tears Technique
Climb the ranks in the Imperial Arena to the Bronze Division. When Cho comes and asks you to poison Crimson Khana, make sure to refuse. Then find her and tell her about this. Defeat her in the ring she'll teach you dual sword style Crimson Tears.
Unlockable: Alternate Title Screen
The game will auto-save once you reach the final boss in the game. Once this auto-save happens, the alternate title screen will appear when you restart the game.
Unlockable Hidden Fist
When you reach the Imperial City go to the black leapard school. Fight off the novice. Then the first brother will talk to you and asks you if you want to join the school. Accept the offer. Then you will face brothers 6 through 3 to see if your good enought to enter the school. You will then talk to a man who wants to be the master of the school. Accept his offer to kill the master and the first brother. If you succeed he will teach you the hidden fist technique.

Submitted by Ducks_657
Confirmed by masmith3200, MysticWeirdo
Hint: Get All 3 Endings
By saving your game near the end of the quest, you can play the ending and view all three different endings of Jade Empire.
Submitted by DC Street Racer

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