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MP Downloads Legal Music Downloads

Now that you have bought the hottest new MP3 player on the market, where will you download your music? There has been so much legal drama in the headlines associated with the sharing of movies and music that this can be tricky. Beware, for if you share your files, you can be violating copyright laws! Your IP address can lead directly to your name via your ISP, so you are in no way safe. The RIAA, or Recording Industry Association of America can then sue you. If you download files, the RIAA will do all they can to turn the act of sharing files into a felony. You need to find a source for obtaining MP3 downloads that won't get you into hot water.

Don't worry about the cost; you can find legal MP3s economically. Decide what sort of MP3 downloads you want to do. Are you specifically interested in movies, music, TV shows, videos or do you want to download everything? You have several options when it comes to purchasing your MP3 downloads.

Unlimited MP3 Downloads - One of the most popular options for downloading MP3 files. Pay a lifetime membership fee of $49.95 and you will be able to download millions of songs, movies, television shows, music videos and games.

Other options are available. Another option is to get a monthly MP3 music subscription service, this lets you try out the service without fronting a lot of money. A basic plan is $9.99, which gives you 30 downloads.

For 50 downloads it is $14.99. The premium plan includes 75 downloads for $19.

99. The A La Carte MP3 Music Download Option is a great way to purchase music if you're only interested in buying a few songs from time to time. You won't have to pay a monthly fee if you just want to buy a song or the occasional album. You can buy a single MP3 song for around .89 and you can download an entire album for as little as $5.

99. This is the option to consider when you're not looking for quantity. There are so many sites available for legal music and other media downloads, that it is increasingly difficult to determine what the best deals are and which sites are trustworthy. Your best bet is to find MP3 download sites that offer free trials.

So, at no cost to you, you can check out the music selections, the method of downloading on the site, and the quality of the download. If you are attracted to a site that doesn't offer a free trial, make sure they have a money back guarantee in case you are not happy with their services.

Before you purchase a few MP3 Downloads, you might want to carefully consider the options available. To Review a few of the Best MP3 Download Sites visit


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