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Reasons Eye Contact Can Get You The Woman of Your Dreams

Making eye contact with women is one of the most important aspects of attraction. Many guys think they make proper eye contact, but instead either freak the girl out, or don't even bother to make contact at all. The famous "3 Minute Rule" states that you must approach a chick within the first 3 minutes of her or you entering a room. I don't necessarily agree with all of this, but I do agree with one aspect: making eye contact. Because most guys are brainwashed by the 3-Minute Rule, they tend to rush into their approach, and as a result, don't have their GAME tight.

They get up to a girl in a near sweat, and try to pull a line out of their back pocket as fast as they can. Many panic and say something that basically kills their shot at the girl. Or they are so focused on the timing that when they finally get their chance, they let it slip between their fingers because they don't know what to do next. The actual time limit may rush them, and make them think that the goal is getting there in time, rather than actually having a meaningful conversation. The intentions of the 3-minute rule were good, because it forced you to get off your ass and do something about your desire.

If you saw a hot girl enter the room, you probably would have waited the whole night before you approached her. And by that time you got enough courage to talk to her, another guy would have swooped in and taken your spot. But it had its flaws. The most important aspect of the 3-Minute Rule that I definitely agree with is eye contact.

Eye contact is the most powerful way in which you can communicate your interest in a girl from a distance. If you can make eye contact, and hold it, it tells the girl that you have confidence, high self esteem, and know what you want and will do what it takes to get it. Here are three reasons why eye contact is so important: 1. Communicates interest in girl from a distance 2. Conveys confidence 3.

Sets the stage for your approach Now, don't get eye contact mixed up with a freakish stare-down. You might just scare her away if you do that. Instead, just casually look over, catch her eye momentarily, then get a knowing smile on your face that reveals that you like what you saw.

Then break off contact and continue whatever it was you were doing. More than 3 minutes have passed, and if you are following the 3 minute rule, your chances of nabbing the girl have just gone down the drain. But here is where I disagree with the rule. Making eye contact has already communicated your interest in her. If you executed correctly, she should have felt the confidence that you exude. So if even 15 minutes have passed, the lasting effect of the initial eye contact will still be with her, and it would be very appropriate for you to approach her.

But don't hesitate, as there is such a thing as waiting too long. Like the saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm." That holds true in this situation. If you see a girl, it is imperative that you send her the signals by making eye contact with her. After that, you have properly set yourself up to make the approach.

Sometimes it is even better to make a second or third eye contact. This really depends on the situation, though. If you are in a cozy bar, then multiple eye contacts before you approach the girl is appropriate. If you were in a larger club, you might not have the chance to bump into the girl again, especially if she hits the dance floor with her friends or even worse, another guy. If you are going to go the way of multiple eye contacts, then you must progress with each incident.

The initial eye contact may conclude with you flashing a small smile of acknowledgement. But then you need to up the ante for the subsequent contacts. Maybe give her a slight nod of acknowledgment or flash a bigger smile. If she responds in a similar manner, then she's giving you the green light to go talk to her. Now you know why eye contact is so important.

It is the best way to communicate your interest from a distance, and conveys confidence in the process. After doing that, the stage is set for you to go up to the girl. Now the rest is up to you!.

Jay is just a regular guy looking to be more attractive to women. On his journey, he came across all types of programs designed to "help him attract more women." Want to attract more women? Well, Jay has the answers. Jay has sorted through the junk and has found the programs that actually work. Jay's reviews of dating and attraction programs can be found at


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