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Selecting a Fine Jewelry Gift

Fine jewelry is a wonderfully personal gift to give for the holidays. Most people love jewelry, and finding the perfect gift can feel like an accomplishment. There are many factors to consider when giving jewelry.

Because so much meaning is attached to it, you want to choose well. The right type of jewelry is often your first consideration. If you're dating, you have to watch out for the meaning implied by just about any ring.

The gift of a ring, even when it's not a diamond can be misinterpreted as a proposal by some people. You want your intentions with your gifts to be clear. Many jewelry salespeople will ask what month the recipient was born in, as a birthstone is a very popular gift. However, not everyone loves their birthstone, or alternatively they have enough in that color already. To pick the right gemstone, you need to pay attention to what they wear. That's colors in their clothes as well as jewelry.

You want something that goes along with their style. When shopping for earrings for example, consider what kind the person you intend to give them to tends to wear. Studs, dangles, hoops? Most people have a definite earring style that can help you to narrow down your selections.

Similarly when shopping for rings, look at the style of the ring. Do they love rings with an obvious center stone or a more free flowing style? Do they wear different rings for every occasion or have a definite favorite? You'll also want to consider if this is a gift you want them to wear every day or just for special occasions. This can impact the style quite a bit, especially for rings.

An everyday ring needs to be made for abuse. That means sturdy prongs and gemstones. An opal, for example, in an everyday ring must be very well protected as it is a relatively fragile stone. Another consideration is the build of the person you are giving the jewelry to. This can be a bit tricky, but a really heavy piece of jewelry can just look bulky on a small build, yet be stunningly beautiful on someone just a bit heavier.

Similarly, delicate jewelry can look awkward on someone larger. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you go into a jewelry store. That's what the salespeople are there for. They can ask questions and suggest something beautiful. Along those same lines, don't be afraid to shop online. There are plenty of reputable jewelers online, and the selection can't be beat.

It's great when you are determined to find the exact perfect piece of jewelry to give as a gift.

Stephanie Foster worked in a jewelry store for six years and now runs She also offers a fine jewelry personal shopper service at her site.


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