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The Art Of Respecting Women

If someone had to ask me what my secret was to keeping women in my life it would be this one principle to respecting women. Not being like those so called "all guys are the same" type that women always complain about. When you respect a woman she will do absolutely anything for you as long as you are genuine about it. If you are being fake or just trying to be someone you are not so you can get into a woman's pants it won't work they are smarter than you think my friend. When you respect a woman and she knows it she will brag to all of her friends how much of a good guy you are and you're already half way there.

I know of men who don't even go out and meet women in night clubs and they consistently have women around them and this is because they respect women and the word travels to other women like a plague. You would have heard of word of mouth? Well women talk and when you are different and unique to men you start to become well known. So what is respect exactly in the first place? To take notice of, to regard with special attention, to regard as worthy of special consideration, hence, to care for, to heed. How do you respect a woman? To respect a woman it means to simple be genuine to not play games and to be the real you. To know the difference between right and wrong and to always be honest to yourself and others, to not only respect women but men as well.

To not do anything to someone else that you would not like done to yourself. I hear of men who brag about picking up a woman that has a bf or how they "hooked" up with a woman who is seeing someone. Now these men who brag first of all have no respect because I am sure if that guy had a girlfriend and she cheating on him with another man he would not be too happy about it. What this guy doesn't realise is that word travels fast and that eventually the word will get out and when it does women TALK and that guy will be known as a guy who has no respect for women therefore ruining his chances with all of the woman's friends and then their friends which will be attractive high quality women. Women don't want to hang around men that they cannot trust they want to hang around a man who has his life together and has respect for himself and others. I can honestly tell you that having respect for women is one of the biggest causes for women being drawn to me.

I had received a phone call the other day from a female friend and she was telling me how her boyfriend was intimidated by me and she was explaining how she said to him he had nothing to worry about because out of "ALL" the guys she knows I am one that respects women and would never go there. Having respect for women not only goes a long way but the friendship made and trust built is remarkable. You don't have any bitch shields when approaching their friends because they are practically pushing their friends towards you because you are such a "good guy." So I don't know about you men but if you never had to approach another woman in your life again and you had attractive quality women approaching you seeking your approval and wanting to be with you then that wouldn't be that bad of a problem to have would it? Copyright (c) 2007 Reece Clarkson.

Reece Clarkson is the owner of, which specializes in attracting beautiful women. Here men can learn how to attract women and also understand how a woman's mind works. Go here for more details: Dating Core Secrets.


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