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The Hollow Sounds Of The Tubular Bell

The tubular bell is a member of the percussion family, because it is played by striking the tubes with a raw hide or plastic hammer. Also referred to as chimes, the tubular bells are a set of hollow tubes that are held in a vertical position on a rack from shortest to longest. The longer tubes will make lower pitched sounds while the shorter tubes will make higher pitched sounds. The diameter of all the tubes is the same; it is just the length of each tube in the set that differs. Studio chimes, which are a smaller version of the tubular bell set, are often used instead, because they are more affordable.

The history of the tubular bells is quite vague, but the western world appears to have developed them in the latter half of the 19th century.

It was apparently a huge success and the person who put them together and patented them won some awards for his instrument. From there, the tubular bells made their way into North America where they were also welcomed.

Today, tubular bells have many different uses, including entertainment and religious purposes. The reason tubular bells are used will often depend on where in the world they are being used, as well as who is using them.

Few will choose the tubular bells as the instrument that they want to play.

Part of this could be that it is not often seen as an instrument that fits in well with much of the music that young people are familiar with today. It could also be that the instrument can be a little awkward to carry around. People will often think about the guitar, drums or a wind instrument to play because they are more influenced by the music they hear where these instruments are more prominent. It could also be that many believe the tubular bells are too easy to play, so there is little challenge in it.

People who do choose to play the tubular bells enjoy the sound. Sometimes musicians arent looking for a challenge; they are looking for something they would enjoy playing and listening to.

This instrument can make beautiful music that is attractive to many musicians.

Someone who has an interest in learning how to play this instrument will probably not have too much trouble in finding a teacher, though it could take some searching because this instrument is not as popular as the more familiar instruments. Finding a set to play can take a bit of searching as well. It is possible that tubular bells can be found at a used music store, which might be preferable for most people who are just starting out.

Purchasing new tubular bells can be expensive, which is why it is often suggested to buy a used one. Learning how to play the instrument is not too hard. With practice, someone could easily learn to play the instrument very well in a short period of time. Tubular bells are fairly basic and not too complex.


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