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Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Cheats

On the planet of Unataca, many civilizations rise and fall throughout history. One civilization, with its home city called Aven, was fairly safe from the dangers on the land. Aven, located on a plateau called the Watchtower, stayed high and dry from monsters and other beasties for many years.

Suddenly, as it happens with all civilizations that are safe from all harm, someone got ticked off somewhere. Bad things start happening in Aven: people start missing or dying, weird dreams haunt people's minds, and so on. No one wants to live in a city where people are throwing up and dying on every city street, so the decision is made to try to save the city.

Meanwhile, for hundreds of years, a yearly tournament is held to determine who becomes the champion and guardian of Aven. Several months after a new champion was crowned, all this mess started happening. You, you lucky player, are that champion. No one said this job was going to be a vacation.

As always, when the going gets tough, the tough go to IGN. We will as always provide you with extremely accurate boss tactics, strategies, and general help, along with a few humorous observations along the way. To get the info and a few laughs, you'll have to click on.

Welcome to Aven, champion. Try to not die too often.

In this Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade strategy guide, you'll find:

  • Character creation tips
  • Class powers details
  • Complete Untold Legends walkthrough.
  • Text atlas for quick and easy reference.


Cheat: Duplicate Items
Connect to a multiplayer game and have one player give all items to the second player. The player that gave away the items then restarts the game without saving. When that same player starts the game again, all of the items will still be in player one's inventory, and still in player two's inventory.
Glitch: Lost Some Weight
All you have to do is enchant a piece of armor that gives strength to you or get a piece of jewlery that does the same thing. When you come across items you do not have enough encumbrence for, equip the strength accessory or armor, take the item, then swap the strength-augmenting accessory for your original equipment.
Submitted by gamer
Hint: Remote Boss Killer
If you elect to play as an alchemist with chain lightning in your repertoire, you can kill most bosses without even entering the room. When a boss' room is not attached to the room you are currently in, but is diagonally opposite from the room you're in, you can move towards the boss icon and cause the boss' name to appear on the screen. Unleashing chain lightning towards the boss at this point will damage the boss and your whack job will be made that much easier.
Submitted by SUPERFRESH

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