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Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania Cheats

Cheat: Change Color of Guests and Buildings
Change the name of one of your guests to one of the following to make all guests and buildings that color:
  • Mr. Bue
  • Mr. Blonde
  • Mr. White
  • Mr. Orange
  • Mr. Pink
Submitted by wolfgurl
Get More Money
To get more money during gameplay, press the SHIFT key and the 4 key.
Submitted by Flakeyro
Name Cheats
Give a guest the following names for special effects:

"John Wheeler" - get all shelters
"Hank Howie" - all staff ed
Submitted by Flakeyro
Change Pointer Color
To change the pointer color, press CTRL+C during gameplay.
Unicorn Exhibit
Rename an exhibit to Xanadu to see the unicorn exhibit.
Hint: Get a Living Mermaid
Place a mermaid statue in a marine tank and the mermaid will come to life.
Submitted by Brooke S

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